Non-English Speaking Travelers

Travelers navigating an unfamiliar airport will enjoy an extra level of comfort when traveling with a personal concierge by their side. Book Airport Butler meet and greet service with language assistance for a simplified end-to-end airport experience.

Frequently Asked Questions for Non-English Speaking Travelers

At what age are children free?

*Children under the age of 2 years old are free of charge.

Will my concierge agent assist me with my bags?

*Our concierge agents will assist with up to 3 normal size bags. If there are additional bags/luggage, or oversized bags (sports equipment, golf clubs, video equipment, etc.), Airport Butler will arrange a porter for the client at an additional charge. Due to safety reasons, a porter must be reserved for anything more than 3 pieces of luggage. Advance notice of the number of bags/luggage you have is required to ensure a quick check-in.


Navigate bustling airport terminals with the help of an Airport Butler concierge by your side.