Senior Travelers

Whether you’re a retired business traveler who no longer benefits from the travel perks you once had, or an infrequent airport visitor who needs some guidance with the ever-evolving airport technology, Airport Butler concierge service provides peace of mind and an upgraded airport experience for traveling seniors. Our professional agents will stay by your side, assisting at every point of the airport process allowing clients to simply enjoy their day.

Frequently Asked Questions for Seniors

What if I need a wheelchair?

For arrivals and connections, wheelchair assistance is provided by the airlines. Should you require wheelchair assistance, please contact your airline directly. For departures, please let us know ahead of time and we can arrange one for you.

An additional cost applies for each additional passenger.

*Our concierge agents will assist with up to 3 normal size bags. If there are additional bags/luggage, or oversized bags (sports equipment, golf clubs, video equipment, etc.), Airport Butler will arrange a porter for the client at an additional charge. Due to safety reasons, a porter must be reserved for anything more than 3 pieces of luggage. Advance notice of the number of bags/luggage you have is required to ensure a quick check-in.

Airport Butler can assist you! We can show you where the pet relief areas are in the airport.

Get The Assistance You Need!

Navigate bustling airport terminals with the help of an Airport Butler concierge by your side!