Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for Travelers

How far in advance do I have to book?

We will make every effort to accommodate last minute requests; however, we cannot guarantee service with less than 24 hours’ notice. Additional charges may apply to a last-minute request.

How can I reach the concierge if I have questions before the service?

The concierge will be available 1 hour before an arrival and 2 hours before a departure. We will provide you with their phone number. If you have questions before your service, please call or email our guest experience team at 1-855-822-9868 or and we will be happy to assist you.

At what age are children free?

Children under the age of 2 years old are free of charge.

What if I need a wheelchair?

For arrivals and connections, wheelchair assistance is provided by the airlines. Should you require wheelchair assistance, please contact your airline directly. For departures, please let us know ahead of time and we can arrange one for you.

How long is your service and what if we need your service longer?

*Our service is up to 3 hours with the concierge. Should you require additional time with one of our concierge a rate of $50.00 USD/CAD per hour will apply.

Will my concierge agent assist me with my bags?

Our concierge agents will assist with up to 3 normal size bags. If there are additional bags/luggage, or oversized bags (sports equipment, golf clubs, video equipment, etc.), Airport Butler will arrange a porter for the client at an additional charge. Due to safety reasons, a porter must be reserved for anything more than 3 pieces of luggage. Advance notice of the number of bags/luggage you have is required to ensure a quick check-in.

Does my teenager count as an unaccompanied minor?

Each airline has different age requirements and fees for unaccompanied minors. You will need to check with the airline directly for the most accurate information. Regardless of your child qualifying as an unaccompanied minor or not, you can still add an Airport Butler concierge to your service to ensure your child is never left alone and you are communicated with throughout their airport journey. Please note, this would be a separate fee from what your airline may charge.

I noticed you offer mobile cart service. Can I have a private electric cart?

Currently YVR is the only location where Airport Butler can assist you in a mobile cart.

Can you meet me at my gate when I arrive from an international location?

We can only meet arriving clients on international flights in our Canadian locations. In this case, a concierge agent will be waiting at the gate upon arrival, holding an electronic sign with your name on it for easy identification. From there, they will assist you through the International Arrivals Hall and proceed through the process until you have safely departed the airport. For all U.S. Airport Butler locations, we will meet the client upon exiting customs.

Can you expedite through U.S. Customs?

Airport Butler cannot expedite through U.S. customs at this time.

Can you expedite through CATSA/TSA security?

Yes. Airport Butler can expedite through security line-ups.

Is airport lounge access included?

An additional fee may apply for lounge access depending on class of service and availability. Please contact Airport Butler for more information.

Can you accompany me during the duration of my time in the lounge?

Airport Butler is not permitted to remain with clients while in the lounge. We will assist you with your lounge check-in, help you settle in, and will determine a designated time to come back and help you gather your things and transition to the gate for boarding.

What if I am traveling to a foreign airport, can you assist?

Yes. Airport Butler has partners around the world. If desired, we will handle all the logistics of getting you booked at one of our partner locations.

What languages do you offer?

Airport Butler can assist with a variety of languages. Please email our guest experience team at with your specific language request.

Can you arrange transportation and/or hotels?

Yes. Our dedicated team can assist you with all of your ground transportation and hotel bookings.

How do I apply for a job with Airport Butler?

Please refer to our career’s website at

What is your cancellation policy?

Reservations cancelled within 24 hours are charged full price.

Do you have another question?

A lot goes into making your airport experience seamless. If you don’t see the answer to one of your questions above, please contact our representatives and we will be happy to accommodate you.